Speaking Opportunities

Andrea has an extensive list of topics she has spoken on for many years, whether for book clubs, classrooms, professional services or for writers conferences. Contact Dr Sims today for more information. Whether for a workshop or one-on-one, Andrea is here to make our time together personalized just for you!


FOR BOOK CLUBS: The Impostor Affect is a perfect book for members to read and then discuss. The author would be happy to address questions and provide further insight for your book club.

FOR THE CLASSROOM: The Impostor Affect is being used in the college classroom as a way to introduce students to the impostor phenomenon and to encourage them in their own self-reflection. The author is available for scheduling time in your classroom after your students have read the book.

FOR PROFESSIONAL IN-SERVICES: The Impostor Affect is another useful tool for promoting transparent dialogue about self-reflection, in addition to offering insight into others in your circle of influence. Contact the author to schedule a time.

FOR WRITERS’ CONFERENCES: The Impostor Writer, Creative Non-Fiction, and Scholarly Personal Narrative are a sample of the workshops that Dr. Sims is prepared to present. Contact her for more information.




Transformative and practical.

“Knowing how the impostor teen is susceptible to feeling like a fraud, teachers can apply this knowledge to changing the environment that is created in classrooms.”

— University student

Honest and relatable.

“To say that Dr. Sims engages her listeners in their own self-reflection would be a gross understatement. Personally, I do not believe that one can listen and not be constantly relating the her works back to their own lives.

— University student

Vulnerable and real.

“Whenever a speaker relates to their audience on such a personal level, it is like opening a door into a different realm of understanding. Because the speaker is portraying themselves as vulnerable, imperfect, and very much human, the listener can let their guard down, and allow the words to sink into their soul with greater meaning.”

— University student