The Imposter Effect: A Closer Look by a Classic Case


The imposter phenomenon is defined by experts as the inability of high achieving people to internalize their successes or to believe that they are capable of or responsible for their accomplishments. Imposters feel lime frauds—plain and simple.

Have you ever felt like an imposter? Are you among the multitudes in the United States who have experienced imposter feelings without knowing why?

Included in this book are personality profiles of the imposter child, teen and adult. The book concludes with an exploration of how to flourish despite feeling fraudulent.

The New Testament: Amplified and Unfolded

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“If future editions [of the New Testament] want to aid rather than hinder a reader’s understanding of the New Testament, it should be realized that the time is ripe to cause both the verse and chapter divisions to disappear from the text and to be put on the margin in as inconspicuous a place as possible. Every effort must be made to print the text in a way which makes it possible for the units which the author himself had in mind to become apparent.”

Frank Viola and George Barna quoted von Soden in their book Pagan Christianity? When Dr. Sims read it, she jumped at the chance to do what was recommended, even going one step further. She removed any trace of both chapter and verse intrusion so that the reader might fully embrace the unfolding nature of His Story. It is her hope that many will benefit from this more authentic presentation of the life and times of the coming of our Lord and His work for us, among us, in us, and through us.

The Fourth Voice: Exploriding Identity Theft of Another Kind


The Spiritual Imposter: Exploring the Distance from Flawed to Fraud

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Many of us suffer from a distorted sense of who we are, mainly because the sources from which we have formed our identity have given us mixed messages. Scientists have held up a “cobbled together” mirror for us to discover who we are. Storytellers have provided “a uniquely revealing mirror” into the inner workings of human nature. Then we look in the mirror and try to sort out what it all means—that self-reflecting Self seeking for the truth about who we are, about who God is, about life, about death, about truth itself. The Fourth Voice—the Sovereign, our Creator, can tell us who we are.

The author does not claim to be a psychologist or anthropologist or a literary critic or a theologian. She is just a thoughtful woman—refined in the fires of life, impassioned with the love of discovery, and devoted to Jesus, her family, and her profession. She is a line-blurrer, and her soft-edged thinking led her to explore identity theft of another kind.


Because of them… THE WAY of truth is much maligned.

We all know them—those spiritual frauds—who have an entirely different agenda . . . or at least we think we do.

There’s much talk “out there” if you take the time and have the interest in searching for it—mixed in among the “conspiracy theories” and hiding in plain sight. So I am adding my voice to the on-going conversation about the times in which we now find ourselves and among just whom we are living.

We read about the natural man in the Scriptures and we recognize him because, before we came to personally know the Lord Jesus, we were all “natural.” After that experience, we became spiritually alive—spiritual beings. I was not prepared to discover what has been an incredible unfolding of things unimaginable. In addition to the natural man and the spiritual man, there is among us what I have called the unnatural man. This is the focus of my work.

In addition to exposing and describing the spectrum of spiritual impostors, I will provide insight into their agenda . . . what I have termed “The Six Great Replacements” engulfing our world.

Love has been replaced by lust.
Humility has been replaced by pride.
Truth has been replaced by lies.
Wisdom has been replaced by knowledge.
Peace and contentment have been replaced by pleasure.
Trust has been replaced by control.


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