The Dancer


I have a card that I framed a few years ago that says:

Those who hear not the music
think the dancer mad.

I love that card. A dear friend of mine sent it to me, and I was drawn to its message immediately. It speaks of judgment—how we judge others and how others judge us—without cause, without a plum line, without the right to do so. Apart from spiritual discernment, we cannot know what prompts and moves others to do or say things. It is impossible. And who do we think we are to place a value on it anyway?

I am accountable before God for dancing to the music I hear. And you are accountable before God to dance to your own music. And neither of us have a right to think the other “mad” (crazy).

So . . . what music am I hearing today? How will I dance to it? What will I think when I see others dancing differently than me? Will I try to dance with them to theirs? Will they try to dance with me to mine? There is a dance that is solo, I am discovering; a dance that only I can do . . . to the music only I can hear.

I think perhaps there is a symphony of music that causes us to come together and dance as one while hearing only our own part. It must be a beautiful sight to God when this occurs.

Let the symphony resound.