That Still Small Voice


You know, when you hear that still small voice inside you say something—interrupting your normal thoughts and seemingly out-of-context—you just have to stop what you’re doing and pay attention. For me, that means I grab my journal and write it down with date and time. I then remain alert going forward . . . sometimes for days, or months, or even years with an awakened awareness of those softly spoken but always profound words.  

This happened to me several months ago. I was sitting in my office looking over the pile of resources and notes I had gathered for the book I am working on titled, The Spiritual Impostor,when I heard it: “Noting is as it seems.” 

It stopped me in my tracks. I have to be honest with you, I was incredulous and spoke my incredulousness aloud: “NOTHING, Lord? NOTHING?” How could that be, really?  I then did what I do sometimes when I need to settle my heart and clarify my thoughts—I went for a walk. 

Far from settling my heart or clarifying my thoughts, that walk brought me back to my desk more than a bit shaken. And that was only the beginning of me being shaken. I know what God’s Word says about shaking: “Everything that can be . . . will be.” But I have found a measure of comfort over the months since then by holding on to the rest of that Word that says we are shaken so that we can know those things that cannot be shaken by what remains when the shaking recedes. 

I must write about those things that are shaking me. And so I will. Stay tuned.