Other Blogs


I have a sense (and I could be so wrong about this) that the average blog is too long for the average reader these days. I have zipped through several blogs, skimming over them like a rock skipped across water. I am looking for something new, something for me, something “other.” And I have been mostly disappointed.

I am a “seed-sower” of sorts. Others have used that term, so I don’t take credit for it. But I am searching for the words that describe my morning pages and my purpose for writing them.

I have this conversation with myself about them: Do I need to explain everything? Explore everything? Define everything to death? Can I not just write—making new things familiar and familiar things new—and leave it for the reader to ponder? Can I not be incomplete? Can I not come back later to a topic and write more, explain more, explore more, define more?

I think the answer is yes, but I am not confident because others know more about the readers “out there” than I do.

Ah, but not more than HE does. HE knows what my readers need. And HE knows that I am an available vessel to get the message to them in little bits and pieces so as to draw them to Himself. HE does beckon; He does whisper; He does not drag or holler.