New Things


I am one day closer to reaching my goals—and I have so many, all to do with my writing projects and my painting portfolio. I have chosen to remain positive and to believe that I am making progress even when there is no evidence to support it. It is called “faith”. So much goes on “behind the scenes” in the life and mind of a creative person. I know that. And ideas build and build until something just explodes, be it on writing paper or on artist canvas.

This “behind the scenes” takes many forms: life experiences, dreams, ideas, plans, notes, conversations, and on and on. In the creative world, all of these come together and mesh and mold and move from one level of the scaffolding that is in the mind to another, taking on new shapes and colors and implications and connections and revelations, until something entirely new emerges and finds its way onto the paper.

Oh, the engaging powers of an author or artist (as Dr. Samuel Johnson stated):  “to make new things familiar and the familiar things new”. That is what I do—without purposing to do so. It is my signature, my branding, my byline. It is just in me to do, even though I didn’t know it was a “power” as the quote says. If I have “power,” it is inside the earthen vessel that I am, inside the jar of clay that is my life.

But we have this Treasure
In earthen vessels,
That the power may be of God,
And not of us