A Personal Word


Good Morning,

In my book The Impostor Affect: A Closer Look by a Classic Case, I tell about my first encounter with the information on the impostor phenomenon. I was dumbfounded. It seemed to me that the authors of the article I was given knew my life story and had exposed me. Then I purchased the seminal work on the subject by Dr. Pauline Rose Clance and took her test that would clarify my position with the impostor. That left me speechless. I was an off-the-scale impostor—a classic case.

I am forever thankful for Dr. Clance and her insight and research into the impostor experience and for her permission to include the 20-question test in my book so that others could discover where they stood as a potential impostor, too. I have been surprised that some of the early readers have contacted me to share their scores. Knowing that you are not alone in this new awareness brings comfort.

I describe my early childhood experiences and summarize that time of my life in two words: sad and lonely. I wrote that I was afraid to ask my own children what their two words would be because I feared their responses. Impostors always fear the worst. Impostors are usually wrong. I was wrong. I am hearing from some of my readers that want to share their test score on the impostor test and their two words, although I did not encourage them to do so. I am so touched by the transparency and genuineness that shines through what they are sending me.

I would love to hear from you. And please share this Morning Page with others—I’d love to hear from them, too. I really would.

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