Andrea Lyn Sims is a thoughtful woman—refined in the fires of life, impassioned with the love of discovery, and devoted to Jesus, her family, and her profession. She is a line-blurrer, and her soft-edged thinking leads her to explore ordinary topics in unordinary ways. Long ago, Andrea dropped out of high school, but she earned a GED anyway, and eventually completed her PhD, becoming a successful educator, writer and publisher in the process. She is the author of The Impostor Affect: A Closer Look by a Classic Case, which is being used as a textbook in teacher prep courses at the university level, and is currently writing a follow-up book titled The Fourth Voice: Exploring Identity Theft of Another Kind. In addition to writing, Andrea owns her own business and enjoys painting and reading.


Andrea received a Bachelor of Arts Degree – majoring in English – from Colorado State University in 1987, followed by a Master of Education – Specialized Studies in Curriculum and Instruction – from City University of Seattle in 2007 and a Ph.D. in Education and Human Resource Studies from Colorado State University in 2009.

Her teaching experience spans from junior high through graduate students and includes administration of two alternative programs for at-risk students, one of which she founded in inner-city Seattle. Upon returning to Colorado, she became a principal for an alternative high school that provided the opportunity for previously expelled students to earn a high school diploma.

She is currently co-authoring a series of books on education with a former professor and friend to be released in 2020.


When Andrea read a quote by Dr. Samuel Johnson from the late 1700s, she adopted it as the goal for her writing: “The two most engaging powers of an author are to make new things familiar and familiar things new.” As an avid reader and almost compulsive researcher, she seeks to pair universal principles with particular cases to better express her thoughts on topics such as education, art, writing, and the Christian experience.

Early in her professional writing life, she agreed to ghostwrite the story of a woman in Atlanta and spent a year working on it. Daphene Jones’ wonderful story titled Our Southern Breeze can be found on Andrea went on to write about her own journey in a series of stories, along with editing a fresh and unique arrangement of the New Testament. For the past several years, she has been writing “Morning Pages”—her musings on her inner life and outer experiences. You can read some of them here.

Let Andrea turn your dream into a published book


A decade ago, Andrea was approached by an acquaintance to help get her drafted manuscript published. And, although the learning curve was steep, Andrea accepted the challenge, started her company—Third Chapter Press—and, within a year presented the client with her book—professionally published. Andrea has gathered a professional team around her and added two imprints: TerraCotta Publishing for academic and literary works and FirstPage Press for children’s books.

You can find more information about how to get your manuscript published here.