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The Imposter Affect

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The imposter phenomenon is defined by experts as the inability of high achieving people to internalize their successes or to believe that they are capable of or responsible for their accomplishments. Imposters feel like frauds—plain and simple. When Andrea Lyn Sims learned of the phenomenon, she realized she was a classic case.

The New Testament: Amplified & Unfolded

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In her arrangement of the New Testament, Dr. Sims removed any trace of both chapter and verse intrusion, and re-arranged the books in order of authorship, so that the reader might fully embrace the unfolding nature of His Story. It is her hope that many will benefit from this more authentic presentation of the life and times of the coming of our Lord and His work for us, among us, in us, and through us.

Your Book Project


Andrea was approached by an acquaintance over a decade ago to help get her drafted manuscript published. From those humble beginnings, Andrea now operates three publishing imprints specializing in boutique, white-glove service for your book project. Get in touch today to start turning your story into a published book.



No book comes to life without the kind of thoughtful and expert editorial input and creative graphic design that Andrea’s team provides. I’ll place my next manuscript with TerraCotta Publishing and rest easy, knowing that every step of the process will be handled with the same professional expertise.

- Diann Logan, author of The Navel Diaries Series


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